Know More About 811

Does 811 find all utility lines within my digging area?

No.  811 finds only the utility main lines before your meter.  The utility companies are only concerned about possible damage to their supply lines.  After their meter, it is your expense if there is damage.  This is where our company, called What's Below, can help you.  We find anything you need to know before you dig or move heavy equipment on an area.  We mark all utility lines, graves, and caves within your area of concern.  Many times What's Below has gone in after 811 and marked what they have not.  We are locating it all if you wish.

Are you able to locate what 811 locates?

Yes, we are locating it all!  We locate on both sides of all meters.  811 only marks the utility companies' supply lines or mains.  They do not mark your septic tank or the lines going in or out of the septic tank.  Oh, cut into one of those sewer pipes and get a nasty mess!  What's Below marks these lines with green paint and/or flags for you.

You need to know all utility lines no matter who owns them.  This is where What's Below can help you by finding all dangers underground.

It's the law to call 811 before you dig.

Yes, it is the law, so you do not hurt your neighbors.  The law is trying to protect others.  You may dig into a main utility line that stops the utility flow to your neighbors.  The law does not address your safety on your private utility lines.

I have several different flags with "OK" painted on my dig site. Can I start digging?

NO!  The flags and okay painted marks are only telling you that the different utilities' main supply liness are not in your digging area.  This does not mean there is not a danger below or where  your utility lines are located.  What's Below locates much more underground of your area than any location company.  Besides your private utility lines such as electric, gas, data, and water lines that other companies do, we also look underground for other dangerous issues you need to know before digging.  Maybe there is a field tile, explosive fuel pipeline, cave, or unmarked graves.  What's Below is locating it all!

811 is free, why aren't you?

The location service that marks for 811 is being paid by the utility companies to locate their supply lines, so their lines will not be damaged.  It is "free" to you, however a portion of your monthly utility bill is set aside to pay for the location service.  We are not paid by the utility companies to locate private utility lines and neither is 811 paid to locate your private lines.