Underground Locating Services in KY & IN

We locate private utilities underground and all types of pipes, wires, water, buried foundations, graves, and caves.

Order Process

Emergency (within 24 hours)

An emergency button on a keyboard showing we can go help immediately for hitting something beneith.

Please try to order one week ahead of digging.  However, should you experience an emergency, call us immediately to see what we can do.  There is an additional fee of $40.

#1 Mark it

Stripes marking where someone will be digging during underground locating services in Indiana

Outline  where you plan to dig or place a heavy item.  Mark it in white as it is the standard color to indicate the location site.

#2 Calculate your quote

Calculate your own quote:

 Square foot of area to locate

Divide by 1200

   Multiply by $60

    This gives you the cost of locating if you are within a 50 mile radius.  (See mileage calculation below.)

After the first free 50 miles of travel starting at the New Albany post office, we add $1 per mile one way.

#3 Order

Entering an order while holding a credit card or debit card for location services they need before

Once you have a quote of your project, send us at least a  minimum order for the first 30 minutes of location time.  We will ask for any remainder after we complete our location job for you.

#4 Add instructions

Hands on a keyboard entering instructions about where to find the place they are making a hole.

Our underground locating services can be greatly helped by you giving us explicit instructions for locating your marked area and/or any special instructions for locating the area safely.  Please communicate all need to know items about your project during the order process.

#5 Communicate

Fingers touching a cell phone to communicate or tell new information about their underground issue.

Customers may call us 7am-10pm except Sunday.   Always give us a contact name and phone number on all communication, it helps us to serve you faster.    

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