We know how to find water leaks underground

Can you really find where the water is leaking underground?

Yes, we know how to find water leaks underground because our equipment knows how to detect water leaks underground through cement or asphalt.  Please look at the picture of an actual underground leak that we located between a church and their parsonage.  The colored lines that we added to this Google satellite map show what we located.  The orange lines are the telephone lines and the blue are the water lines.  However, the dark blue circle is the outside edge of a small lake under the asphalt parking lot.  This was a simple leak to "find".  The hole in the pipe is the center of the circle. 

What do the two white lines in the picture represent?

On this property we found a cavern that ran under their water line.  We only marked what part of the cavern we located.  We were instructed to find the water leak and utility lines.  We were not there to locate caverns, but we do note whatever we find during our location instructions.  This cavern also had water running in it, so we marked that as well inside the white lines.

Do you make a map of all your locates?

No.  If you wish to have a map to refer to in the future, we charge for this service.  Please refer to the ordering section for pricing.

Are there other shapes of underground water?

Yes, the different shapes show what is happening with the water after leaking out of the pipe and where the leak is located in the pipe.  Also, what is around or near the underground water can cause other shapes.  An example is a cavern that the leaked water is falling into.  This is not the case in the picture.  The picture is showing two different waters.  One is from the leaky water pipe that is caught under the asphalt and the other is a running underground stream that is about 50 feet from the leak's water.

We have water coming up out of the ground, is the water leak under there?

Not usually.  Water runs the route of least resistance and wants to go down due to gravity. However the type of  soil. rock formations, temperatures and pressures all play a part on the path.

We have a high water bill and the plumber has not found a leak in the house or in the yard.

There are three options for you at this point.

#1  Do nothing and continue to pay a high water bill.

#2  Have someone start digging up your yard with no direction of where to dig.

#3  Call us to find the spot to dig.