About us locating underground dangers

Why our company started.

Our founder, Paul Detwiler, found pipes and wires underground beginning in 1974 as a journeyman plumber. They were detected by sensing the flux line alterations due to the voids and disturbances of the earth's flux lines.  In 2017 he discovered to his amazement that machines, used by other utility locators, could not find the locations of plastic pipes without a tracer wire buried beside it. That discovery started our company.  What's Below was born because we have a method of locating more items underground for you and faster. 

What can we locate for you?

What can we locate?

Because we sense the earth's flux line disturbances, we can locate voids and discrepancies.  These underground voids can be all types of pipes, wires, water, old buried foundations, graves, and caves.  We locate discrepancies of the earth like where someone dug for a foundation years ago.  The earth was disturbed.  

We have a test that all our locaters must have annually at a railroad tunnel.  They must pass a test of accuracy at a depth of 232 feet through dirt and rock.

Don't dig before you know                               

       What's Below.

We locate potential dangers.

Is there a sinkhole in your future?  Are you about to dig without knowing what dangers are below?  Are you about to place a heavy object with unknown earth support?  Are you about to dig into a gas or electric line?

What's Below can help you with these and other issues.  Call us at 812-987-4119 or place an order by clicking the button below.