Frequently Asked Questions

Does What's Below have liability insurance?

Yes, we have business liability insurance coverage with Liberty Mutual Insurance.  

Can you find a water main leak?

Yes.  We first locate the water main.  Next we locate the water edges outside the pipe. After we review the shape of the water edges we can determine where the leak is in the main water pipe and mark it.  Now the time has come to dig only one hole to the leaky pipe for the repair.  We just saved you a lot of digging time.     

Is there a sinkhole in my property's future?

Sinkholes are a result of the cavern's ceiling allowing water and soil to fall into the cavern.  If there is a stream of water running through the cavern, the soil will be washed away.  We can see if there are caverns under your property and tell you how deep they are.  If we find water running in a cavern, we will mark the walls of the cavern and then the edge of the water stream.  Now you may understand why your garage has cracks in the concrete floor or why the house is settling.     

Can you locate plastic sewage lines?

Yes.  Many location companies do not own equipment that can find plastic pipe.  What's Below can find and locate within 3 inches all types of pipe underground.  (For radiant heated floors we can detect even closer with our Punto Geofluxor.)

What do the different colors mean?

Here is a list of the most common color meanings.

Red - Electric

Orange - Data or phone

Green - Sewer or drain

Blue - water

Yellow - gas 

White - Excavation area

Pink - survey marker

What's Below will use Green for cavern edges and Blue for the water edges (if there is water in the cavern.)  If there is water sensed in a sewer pipe we will include a blue marker with the green.

Can you work in bad weather?

We would prefer not to be in rain or snow for safety reasons.  We will not work with lightening or heavy ice conditions.    However, we have been known to work in sloppy conditions.  Our equipment works in rainy or snowy conditions with the same results as dry weather.

Can you find gold?

Yes and no.  Many times we have been asked if we can find gold.  It depends on if it is part of the earth or a lonely lost piece, like a ring of gold.  If you loose a ring in the grass, we can look for it and find it.  We cannot find a gold mine for you though.  That is part of the earth and not different.  The ring is different and our equipment can detect it.

Are some areas underground different?

Yes.  The state of Indiana has three different sections of underground.  The southern third of Indiana is much more active with underground streams in caverns that make sinkholes.  Central Kentucky is also made of the same type of underground.