Are you Buying Blind?

Your real estate agent

Real estate agents usually rely on home inspectors to find issues with the real estate.  Most are not aware of underground inspectors like those at 

What's Below.

Home inspectors

Home inspectors are trained on home construction.  They can report a crack in the concrete floor, but they do not know why the crack developed or why it developed.  The people at What's Below provide answers and can detect if a cavern is under the concrete AND if it has a stream cutting the cavern even larger.  Or is there a leaky pipe that is allowing water to run under the floor?  What's Below can inspect the lower half of the property while the home inspector inspects the upper half.  Don't buy blind, What's Below can provide you and your inspector answers to what is below.

Example: A Crack in the Sidewalk

The sidewalk has a crack on the left with white tape showing the cavern edge below.

The crack in this sidewalk that is located to the left in this picture also shows the white markings of the active cavern edge that is 6 feet below the sidewalk.  Now we know why the cement cracked at this part of the sidewalk.  We also know that there is water still eating away the cavern's walls to make a larger cavern.  However, the water is moving very slow, so it will take years for this cavern to cause any problems for the house it runs under.  Yes, this runs under a house and down the hill.  Before the bottom of the hill, the water in the cavern comes out of the hill.   This is what is called a spring.  The good news is that the home owner can either gather the water at the spring, or better yet, drive a well pipe in their kitchen floor to add a pitcher pump!

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